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Sol Bashirian is the one of the owners and chef at Sunday Gravy in Inglewood, California. Sol shows that you do not have to be Italian to make great of the culture food. Shout out to Ghazi (Ghazaleh Bashirian) Sol's sister, they are the dynamic duo!

Sol shares his backstory and points of view on food with BRK THT BRD hosts Jeremy McBryde and Asia White. The way Sol, Asia, and Jeremy talk about food in this episode could very well make you hungry as hell ;)

Links to Sol Bashirian

Links to Mentions In The Show

  • EaterLA story "At Inglewood’s Sunday Gravy, the Special Sauce Is All About Family" about Sunday Gravy. Link to article
  • Voyager article "Meet Sol Bashirian of Sunday Gravy in Inglewood." Link to article
  • Ghormeh Sabzi. Link to info

Break That Bread

We break that bread over an amazing Grilled Cheese ;)

As you will listen to or watch in the video, Jeremy put a substantial amount of thought and care into this dish.

Jeremy McBryde's gift to Sol, a restructured and elevated grilled cheese sandwich!

Episode Timestamps

  • [00:00:00] Opening Song
  • [00:00:24] Guest Intro
  • [00:01:27] Like, Comment, Subscribe and We Fuck With A Comment
  • [00:01:50] Sol Bashirian Sunday Gravy Story
  • [00:09:53] From 1 to 12 Locations
  • [00:10:57] Gino's Legacy to Sunday Gravy, All Family
  • [00:13:11] Shout Out To Ghazi
  • [00:14:54] Where Did The Concept of Sunday Gravy Come From?
  • [00:16:55] Ghormeh Sabzi
  • [00:20:25] Bread and Cheese
  • [00:23:47] Food, Flavor, Style
  • [00:24:54] Pasta al Limone Dish at Sunday Gravy
  • [00:33:51] Discovering Food Travel Tips
  • [00:36:46] Money Trees and These Walls. Kendrick Is A Michelin Star, Drake Is Pizza and They Both Deliver
  • [00:42:14] Getting Ready To Break Bread
  • [00:45:33] BRK THT BRD Restructured and Elevated Grilled Cheese
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