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Mona Holmes is a storyteller. James Beard nominee. Mona Tweets about food, Southern California, and beyond. Reporter for @EaterLA and @kcrw contributor.

Mona sits down with BRK THT BRD to chop it up and shows great candor with hosts Jeremy McBryde and Asia White.Even if you're not an LA native this episode is amazing and this lady is special!

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Break That Bread

We break that bread over some Black People Tacos ;)

As you will listen to or watch in the video, there is a lot of heart that comes with these elevated, nostalgic tacos.

Leveled up tacos
Mona Holmes loves her tacos!

Episode Timestamps

  • (00:00:00) Opening Song
  • (00:00:08) Introduction
  • (00:00:38) Guest Intro
  • (00:04:09) Bigger and Not Fitting The Mold Women Having Trouble Getting Into Hollywood Spots
  • (00:08:12) This OR That?
  • (00:15:40) Mother Wolf
  • (00:19:25) It’s Beautiful, The Food Is Excellent, But I Can Never Eat There Again. Horses LA Restaurant
  • (00:22:32) Let's Talk About Gigi's Cheeseburger
  • (00:24:50) Mona Homes Shares How One Curates A Night Out
  • (00:30:52) BPT Intro
  • (00:33:33) Black People Tacos Reveal
  • (00:37:13) Break That Bread
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