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37 Min. 23 Sec.
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"Big Duke" shares how he channeled his creative energy into benefiting not only his professional career, but his life. Big Duke and Tha Flava Finessa are bonded by their days in Cleveland and the journey out to Los Angeles.

The show is about food but as you will hear, it is the meal which helps us come together to move forward in our own stories.

Links to Chris "Big Duke" Malloy

  • Big Duke on Instagram
  • Big Duke on Twitter
  • profile
  • Voyager LA Article Meet Chris “Big Duke“ Malloy of Big Duke Productions, Ultrium Studios & Dukiepies
  • Ultrium Studios website

Links to Mentions In The Show

Break That Bread

A plant based ramen can be a easy miss or a tremendous success!

When you listen to the episode, you can hear what the crew thought of Sol Bashirian of Sunday Gravy's creation.

Sol Bashirian was our guest chef to bring a Bombin Ramen Vegan style to Big Duke!

Episode Timestamps

(00:00:00) Intro

(00:02:36) Inspire Til You Expire

(00:03:05) Music Producer, Takes Time

(00:05:31) LA Living, Jordan Year

(00:08:27) Like, Comment and Subscribe

(00:08:49) Can We Talk About Peach Cobbler?

(00:12:07) So Now We Talkin Sweets

(00:15:02) Shade and Praise

(00:15:40) Where Did Big Duke Come From?

(00:17:51) The Struggle Meal

(00:20:04) How Your Mindset Changes Everything

(00:26:28) Los Angeles Vegan Spots

(00:31:09) Nothing Would Tempt You To Not Eat Vegan? Polish Boy Cleveland Style

(00:32:42) Bombin Ramen

(00:35:57) In Closing

Show Clips

We are in the kitchen preparing some show clips, stay tuned.

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